Be Very Careful of Scam Emails!!

So today I received an email from Chase……..or so I thought.  Those who create these scams get more and more creative so we have to be more careful!  Below is the latest scam email I got and I was close to making the fatal error…..clicking the link, but something told me this didn’t look right.  When I clicked on the email address that showed only on my phone as Chase Online it came up with a very strange email,  Hmmmmmm I don’t think that came from Chase!  Here is the context of the email:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Chase.  You are required to click the link below to validate your account.  This message is obligatory you follow immediately.

Click Here Now

The message will be available in your Secure Message Center until 31/01/2013.

Your personal information is protected by state-of-the-art technology.  For more detailed security information or to update your privacy choices, go to our Online Privacy Notice.  To change your e-email address, please log on to Chase Online and click your e-mail address on the left-hand side of My Accounts Page.

Here are some screen shots of the actual email.

Bottom line be very careful with emails you receive, especially if they are from a financial institution or if they want personal information.  It seems like these are coming more frequently.  I did contact Chase and they advised it was fraudulent and I have forwarded the email to them.  When in doubt check with the source and DELETE!






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